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Fluid Acrylic Technique

Modern Impressionist Style

Who do you want to be? I am an Artist. I didn’t know for a long time, despite having painted my entire life. What are you here for? Are you who you want to be? I paint about change, and transience. I paint about wildness and joy. I paint about family stories and heritage. They are beautiful things, all a part of me. Maybe they are a part of you too.

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How I make my Acrylic Artworks


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My Art

Painting unique artworks
My Contemporary Art style is achieved by mixing Modern Fluid Acrylic techniques with an older practice called ‘Alla Prima”, or ‘wet on wet’ Acrylic painting. I rarely use brushes, instead I favor putty knives, plastic films, hair dryers, straws, and other tools. I love to paint on an up cycled material called Acrylic Solid Surface. Since my husband is a Remodeler, I have access to this wonderful material. It has a smooth, clean texture, and is strong enough to pour resin over the top of. Most of my originals are super shiny because of the resin. I can also cut the Acrylic Solid Surface, which adds layers and texture to my paintings. My work speaks of change and transformation in an ever changing world. I admire and embrace the transient, the metamorphic qualities of our reality. These techniques, tools and mediums, along with my bold, vibrant color combinations are the things I enjoy most in exploring my art.


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